Matt’s Mind: Questions for the 2013 College Football Season

by Matt Fischer

I love football.  It’s my favorite season of the year.  I can’t wait for August 29, 2013 when play begins!  These are the questions running through my mind as I await the start of the 2013 college football season:

-Will the SEC win another BCS National Championship?

I think they’re the odds on favorite again.  Alabama has the best group of skill position players of the Saban era.  Georgia is my sleeper team.  The Bulldogs return Aaron Murray at QB and Todd Gurley at RB.  The defense lost a lot of talent but they’ve recruited well and should fill the void.  Texas A&M, LSU, Florida, South Carolina will all be very good and just an upset away from vaulting into a spot at the BCS Championship.  The BCS again will run through the SEC.

-Will Johnny Football be an in-season distraction at A&M?

Johnny Manziel had an unbelievable season last year as he lit up opposing defenses on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy.  His offseason has had some controversy with his social media posts and this weekend getting asked to leave the Manning Passing Camp.  The spotlight is burning bright on him and will get even brighter each week this season.  Does stay cool or get burned by it?  That will have a huge impact on the Texas A&M Aggies success in 2013.

-Can Arizona State win the Pac-12 South?

I’m an ASU fan so call me a homer but I think the Sun Devils win the Pac-12 South this year.  Taylor Kelley was 9th in passing efficiency last year and I expect him to be even better in year 2 under Todd Graham.  Marion Grice is also one of the best running backs most people have never heard of.  That combo will make ASU one of the most high-powered offenses in the country.  Will Sutton is a top 10 NFL pick in waiting and will lead the defense.  If they beat USC September 28 it could propel them to a big season and spot in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

-What happens to Mizzou football after this season?

I live in Columbia just minutes away from Faurot Field.  I’m informing Tiger fans again that it’s going to be a disappointing season.  Last year I warned fans they were in for a new breed of football.  Most scoffed at me and said Missouri could handle the best the SEC had to offer.  Well I turned out to be right and Mizzou got beat down week after week in the SEC.  This season I think will be tougher in conference than last year.  Alabama is off the schedule but Tennessee and Kentucky are going to be better than they were last year.  I see a losing record in store for Missouri again.  With stadium upgrades happening, do they make a change at the top?

-What realignment news will break during the season?

The musical chairs of college athletics doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.  I’m just waiting to see who makes the next move.  I expect one conference to poach the Big 12 and steal away 2-4 teams.  I’m just not sure who will do it.  Will the Pac-12 come in and try to pry away Texas and Oklahoma?  Will the SEC try to grab Oklahoma and Oklahoma State?  Maybe it’ll be the Big Ten coming in and pulling Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State?  Who knows but the Big 12 will be folding sooner rather than later.  The Dan Beebe fiasco killed this conference and they simply will never recover.

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10 Things To Watch for (and bold predictions) in 2013 College Football Season


by Derek Franks

1) Alabama will win out

Ok, so this is not exactly groundbreaking but come on, when’s the last time a team like this came around? One that was favored in every game on its schedule, all of which but two by more than 17 points? One that won a championship three years in a row? It’s been a while and the possibilities are high. Unbeaten in the regular season for Alabama? Bet on it. I’ll say the SEC championship will be the first place they’re tested other than maybe Texas A&M on the road.

2) SEC East Battle will be a showdown

Georgia is my early favorite for the SEC east and a team that could also very well go undefeated and face (and challenge) Alabama. Give QB Aaron Murray props for returning for a fifth season despite the NFL beckoning after last season’s success. He’ll be another year seasoned and ready for revenge with a stacked lineup in front of him. As for the rest? South Carolina is going to be right there, making everyone in Athens nervous. Give the Gamecocks a chance to spoil the Bulldogs party. They will after all meet right off the bat in the second week of the season.  After that, I think this will be a neck and neck finish right down to the wire that will make for some sure excitement over there in the East. Heck, keep Florida in this talk as well. The obviously overrated Gators tripped up in their BCS game last year (to the surprise of no one). But they could be right there with the other two, making the Southeastern Conference, despite Alabama’s dominant presence, still one of the more interesting battles in football.

3) Notre Dame “NOT-RE-peating” this year

Don’t get suckered in by last year’s Fighting Irish. Their fluke of an undefeated regular season that culminated in a National Championship appearance was a one-time thing. No, the easy-bake-oven that cooked up their “no conference” schedule allowed them to finish without a blemish last year. But the shellacking they mercilessly suffered at the hands of Alabama was a show of their true colors (are they blue or green and gold? I just don’t know!). After they failed to produce offensively and got annihilated on the defensive side by Alabama, they were exposed for what they really were, and really will be this year: a middle of the pack unranked team that will likely qualify—at best—for the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Now, try and say that ten times fast. It will probably go better than the Irish season will.

4) Neutral Site Games!

We’ve got an onslaught of neutral site matches this season. One I’m really looking forward to is LSU and TCU when they meet in Dallas on opening week. Think about it. The Mad Hatter facing off in a battle of wits with Gary Patterson and his ingeniously-run defense. Essentially a home game for the Horned Frogs, they actually stand a chance against the favored Tigers. Alabama and Virginia Tech will meet in Atlanta that weekend as well, although not even Frank Beamer will slow down Bama—just a hunch. One really interesting game might be Mississippi State and Oklahoma State, also on opening weekend. Explosive offense from Okie State and a mysteriously good Mississippi State team make this a toss up. Arizona State vs. Notre Dame on October 5th in Dallas is weird. Not only does this match up, and its location, not make sense at all, but I don’t think either team will be all that exciting to watch really. Lastly, Oklahoma and Texas will be big, as always, in what could be the last chance for Longhorns’ coach Mac Brown to beat the Sooners for a change and salvage his job.

5) Ohio State has the easiest schedule of all time. And it may still slip.

Well, we can’t exactly confirm the  “easiest all time” stuff, but hey take a look at that schedule. I think I could assemble a football team by going out on the street and randomly asking people to join then go and play the Buckeyes’ schedule this year and come away at least at .500. And that’s why I’m just giddy with excitement because I just know that a Urban Meyer team who has national-championship potential—as we saw with last year’s success— and questionable star players will take a schedule like this and just completely trip all over its own feet at least once. Oh, who will it be? Florida A&M? Illinois? Iowa? San Diego State? Perhaps Buffalo at the beginning of the season or maybe a really lousy Indiana squad when they’ll be looking ahead to the Michigan game—all of these have no business beating the Buckeyes. And that’s why I think one of them will sneak up on them.

6) The American Athletic Conference: the “blah” conference.

Hey, did you know that there is no more Big East conference in football? You may have missed it, but all the teams you knew from your days growing up fighting for east coast supremacy- Miami, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Syracuse? Their departure over the years has completed the slow-dissolve of the Big East, which has been on a 10-year path to self-destruction. Finally, it is no more. So what replaces it? The American Athletic Conference. Did you even know this was in existence? Perhaps not, but don’t be afraid. We have ventured into the unknown for sure. But that unknown is one in which prestigious programs like SMU, Tulane, Memphis, Central Florida, South Florida, Tulsa and East Carolina will be competing for a chance at a BCS game! Wait, really? Oh dear, let’s not discuss this topic and say we did. Hopefully, Louisville or Cincinnati, the “powerhouse” programs of the conference, won’t allow that to happen.

7) These coaches will blast into the spotlight and onto your radar, if they’re not there already

There are number of coaches, some of them in new places, whose names will be seen and heard a lot this year. You may or may not be familiar with Art Briles, the wizard who has somehow made Baylor relevant (well, he had some help a couple of years ago by someone who goes by RGIII). But make no mistake, Briles is a mastermind that has secretly been hiding out in the shadows of players like Robert Griffin. He’ll have Baylor competing this season once more and his name will be in Big 12 Coach of the Year considerations. So will Texas Tech’s newcomer, Kliff Kingsburry, for the shear fact that if the Red Raiders do anything better than sub-par, he’ll have well exceeded expectations. You’ll hear his name a lot, for better or for worse for Tech. Kevin Sumlin earned a lot of street-cred in his first season directing Texas A&M. This year’s Aggies are a complete mystery. Will they continue to build on last year’s success? Or will they hit the “sophomore slump.” If the former is the case, keep in mind that Bob Stoops won it all with Oklahoma in his second season. Another name you might hear is Sonny Dykes, who made Louisiana Tech relevant last season before they very cleverly declined a lousy bowl bid (for the success they had last year, it was a perfectly fitting cold shoulder to the BCS). Unfortunately for the LaTech, he bolted after that to be the new coach at Cal.  I expect the Golden Bears to turn things around this year and be bowl-bound, so watch for him. Skip Holz takes over for Dykes in Shreveport. Gary Andersen has his work cut out for him replacing Bret Bielema. I expect the microscope to be planted firmly on him for most of the season. Also, if Miami continues to build on last season’s surprising success, Al Golden might get some recognition as well. Stay tuned for a later article when we break down the wild coaching carousel and rate how we think the coaches will do in their new homes.

8) 5 Teams that made a bowl last year that won’t this year

Texas– The Horns’ season could go either way this year. They have so much talent. It is a crime that they aren’t in competition for a Big 12 title this year. But the engineering of Mac Brown has worn thin. They can’t decide the type of offense they are, the defense which physically looks like an NFL team flopped last year. And they just don’t have a reliable quarterback in—I guess—David Ash who spent much of last year being swapped with that other McCoy kid back and forth all season long. I see this year failing and Brown exiting at the end of the year. But like I said, it could go either way with this bunch.

Syracuse– Being extremely mediocre in a crumbling Big East does not bode well for a school who moves to the ACC. Superior competition plus a loss of much talent from last year means the Orange are likely to take up fishing rather than bowling for a holiday hobby.

Pittsburgh– For the same reason Syracuse won’t make it. Pitt was perhaps even more mediocre than its ACC newcomer companion.

Purdue– Shocked the world when they went bowling last year, even at 6-6. Let’s just say it won’t happen this year.

Virginia Tech- Gained little over the offseason after finishing last year with a losing record once the bowl season was all said and done. Frank Beamer may have finally lost his touch.

9) 5 Teams that didn’t make a bowl last year that will this year

New Mexico State– Arriving into Independence are the Aggies who decided not to join a conference after the WAC dissolved this offseason. They have a favorable schedule, a lot of returning starters including at QB. They’ll go bowling this year.

Wake Forest– Well they won’t be competing for ACC championship contention but they have some opponents they can handle and face the toughest tests of their schedule at home. They just needed another win last year to make it and gone is Notre Dame from their schedule. They also returned a healthy dose of starters from last season and compete in the easier of the two divisions of the conference.

Auburn– After a disaster of a season in 2012, the Tigers are the most likely of the five teams to miss a bowl from the SEC to go bowling this year. They have plenty of returning starters and a QB who, while failing under terrible coaching last season, was still the best in his state in high school.

Louisiana Tech– This is probably obvious. They made some splashes last year and challenged teams that were in superior leagues, finishing at 9-3. Declining the bowl game probably won’t happen this year.

California– Under direction of new head coach Sonny Dykes, this is a team loaded with returning talent but that often kicks itself in the foot. Cal will return to at least 7-5 with and a bowl birth in 2013.

*Ohio State is for sure going to a bowl game, perhaps the national championship if they prove me wrong from my above prediction.

10) This year’s most likely mid-major BCS buster will be…

Boise State. It’s an obvious choice, thanks to head coach Chris Peterson and a score of returning players. But let’s say they don’t make it. Watch out for Utah State, who had its most successful season in its history last year and joins the Mountain West—where Boise is—this season. Keep a look out for them to shake things up. In the last year of the BCS, we’d love to see someone really bust it this season!

Check out the 2013 SportsFormulator College Football Player of the Year Watch List.

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The SportsFormulator 2013 College Football Player of the Year Watch List


It’s time to kickoff our coverage of the 2013 College Football season and we start with our 2013 College Football Player of the Year Watch List.  These are the 40 players we’re watching as the season starts and expect each to have a huge impact on his team.

We will cut down the watch list each on the first Tuesday each month during the season until we announce our five finalists on December 15, 2013.

In no particular order, here are our the college football players on our watch list:

Johnny Manziel (QB – Texas A&M)
A.J. McCarron (QB – Alabama)
T.J. Yeldon (RB – Alabama)
Aaron Murray (QB – Georgia)
Jadeveon Clowney (DE – South Carolina)
Todd Gurley (RB – Georgia)
C.J. Mosley (LB – Alabama)
Duke Johnson (RB – Miami)
Sammy Watkins (QB – Clemson)
Logan Thomas (QB – Virginia Tech)
Jameis Winston (QB – Florida State)
James White (RB – Wisconsin)
Taylor Martinez – (QB – Nebraska)
Braxton Miller (QB – Ohio State)
Devin Gardner (QB – Michigan)
Kain Colter (QB – Northwestern)
Ameer Abdullah (RB – Nebraska)
Jordan Matthews (WR – Vanderbilt)
Bo Wallace (QB – Ole Miss)
Lache Seatrunk (RB – Baylor)
Blake Bell (QB – Oklahoma)
John Hubert (RB – Kansas State)
David Ash (QB – Texas)
Ka’Deem Carey (RB – Arizona)
Taylor Kelley (QB – Arizona State)
Marqise Lee (WR – USC)
Marcus Mariota (QB – Oregon)
De’Anthony Thomas (RB – Oregon)
Marion Grice (RB – Arizona State)
Silas Redd (RB – USC)
Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE – Washington)
Keith Price (QB – Washington)
Will Sutton (DT – Arizona State)
Teddy Bridgewater (QB – Louisville)
Jordan Lynch (QB – Northern Illinois)
Derek Carr (QB – Fresno State)
Kenneth Dixon (RB – Louisiana Tech)
Cody Fajardo (QB – Nevada)
David Fluellen (RB – Toledo)
Beau Blackenship (RB – Ohio)

Breakdown by Conference:
Pac-12 – 10
Big Ten – 8
SEC – 7
ACC – 4
Big 12 – 4
AAC – 1
Non-BCS – 6

Let us know what you think. Who did we leave out? Why are they deserving of pre-season hype? Comment below or interact with us on Twitter.


Matt’s Mind – The Final Top 25 College Football Rankings

College football has wrapped up another season and we again saw the SEC take home another national title. The conference is simply dominate in the championship game. It has been challenged in some of the title tilts but has found a way to win seven straight. The crystal football hasn’t left the state of Alabama in four years now. For the Crimson Tide to win three championships in four year is amazing. I would understand if Nick Saban would leave for the NFL as he has clearly mastered the college game but wow he has a program that should contend again next year…and probably every year he stays there.

The bowls provided some surprises to shake up the rankings. It’s a shame we didn’t have a playoff this year but at least we’re one year closer to it. Imagine if we’d have seen Alabama versus Oregon or Georgia versus Stanford. These are the top 25 teams at the end of the 2012-13 college football season.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Georgia
4. Texas A&M
5. Notre Dame
6. South Carolina
7. Ohio State
8. Stanford
9. Florida State
10. Louisville
11. Clemson
12. Florida
13. LSU
14. Kansas State
15. Michigan
16. Baylor
17. Nebraska
18. Oklahoma
19. Northwestern
20. Utah State
21. Texas
22. Boise State
23. Oregon State
24. Arkansas State
25. Northern Illinois

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The New Year’s Day Bowl Battle – Picking Every New Year’s Day Bowl Game


Welcome to the Bowl Battle! I challenged a former college cheerleader (Harmony), a model from the SEC (Cassandra), our new pro handicapper Buck Green and my six year old nephew to pick games and see if they can pick better than the formula. A lot of similarity so we’re going to be back with round 2 for the BCS National Championship game and predict the final score.

Read about all the new features we’re debuting now that it’s 2013 in our company blog.

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Here are the picks: Gator Bowl
Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Northwestern Wildcats
SportsFormulator Pick: Mississippi State 28-27
Cassandra’s Pick (see more of her below): Mississippi State
Harmony’s Pick (see more of her below): Mississippi State
Buck Green’s Pick: Northwestern
Six Year Old’s Pick: Northwestern

Heart of Dallas Bowl
Purdue Boilermakers vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys
SportsFormulator Pick: Oklahoma State 48-24
Cassandra’s Pick: Oklahoma State
Harmony’s Pick: Oklahoma State
Buck Green’s Pick: Purdue
Six Year Old’s Pick: Purdue

Outback Bowl
South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Michigan Wolverines
SportsFormulator Pick: South Carolina 28-24
Cassandra’s Pick: South Carolina
Harmony’s Pick: South Carolina
Buck Green’s Pick: South Carolina
Six Year Old’s Pick: South Carolina

Capital One Bowl
Georgia Bulldogs vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers
SportsFormulator Pick: Georgia 37-24
Cassandra’s Pick: Georgia
Harmony’s Pick: Georgia
Buck Green’s Pick: Georgia
Six Year Old’s Pick: Georgia

Rose Bowl Games presented by Vizio
Wisconsin Badgers vs. Stanford Cardinal
SportsFormulator Pick: Stanford 24-21
Cassandra’s Pick: Stanford
Harmony’s Pick: Stanford
Buck Green’s Pick: Stanford
Six Year Old’s Pick: Stanford

Discover Orange Bowl
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Florida State Seminoles
SportsFormulator Pick: Florida State 35-24
Cassandra’s Pick: Florida State
Harmony’s Pick: Florida State
Buck Green’s Pick: Florida State
Six Year Old’s Pick: Florida State

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The Bowl – Louisiana Tech Bulldogs vs. Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders


Louisiana Tech and Middle Tennessee State were left out when all the 2012 bowl invitations were issued so we decided to create The Bowl and invite them to play in our simulated college football bowl game.  Here’s how it went:
Both teams lit up the scoreboard as they drove up and down the field all game. Here’s a quarter by quarter breakdown of the 2012 Bowl:

First Quarter
Louisiana Tech drove 74 yards before Kenneth Dixon rushed in from the 6-yard line to put the Bulldogs up 7-0. Middle Tennessee State then took the ball 68 yards before Logan Kilgore connected with Kyle Griswould for a 12 yard TD to tie the game at 7. The Bulldogs took back the lead with 1:02 left in the first quarter as Kenneth Dixon got his second TD of the game from 3 yards out.
At the end of the First Quarter: Bulldogs 14 – Blue Raiders 7

Second Quarter
The Blue Raiders drive stretched from the end of the first into the second before they were stopped short on a fourth and 1 deep in Bulldogs’ territory. Louisiana Tech took over and hit a huge pass play for 71 yards on the next play as Colby Cameron passed it to Quinton Patton. Middle Tennessee State came out and was able to move the ball heavily on the ground in driving 76 yards for a score as Logan Kilgore rushed from a yard out to close the distance with the Bulldogs. Getting the ball back with 2:08 left in the half, Louisiana Tech was unable to move into scoring range as the half end.
At the Half: Bulldogs 21 – Blue Raiders 14

Third Quarter
Having made their half time adjustments, the teams returned for the second half of the 2012 bowl. The Blue Raiders again came out and ran the ball at the Bulldogs taking nearly half of the third quarter off the clock. They tied the game at 21 following a Jordan Parker run from three yards out. The Bulldogs came out and sped the tempo of the game up as they let Colby Cameron sling it. He connected with five different receivers as he threw it to D.J. Banks for the score. Middle Tennessee State returned the kickoff 68 yards to setup a quick scoring drive as Jordan Parker caught a pass out of the backfield to take it 14 yards for a score.
At the End of the Third Quarter: Bulldogs 28 – Blue Raiders 28

Fourth Quarter
Louisiana Tech stretched the drive from the waning moments of the third quarter to score less than two minutes into the fourth as Logan Kilgore tossed it to D.J. Banks again for a score to retake the lead. Neither team has used a punter in the game as Middle Tennessee State converted a fourth and two in Louisiana Tech territory to keep a drive going that tied the game at 35 with 6:39 remaining. Louisiana Tech fumbled the kickoff and had to start at their own 18 yard line. Colby Cameron again drove them down the field and hit Kyle Quinton Patton for a 42 yard touchdown with 3:48 left in the 2012 bowl. Logan Kilgore leads his team back on the field needing 69 yards to tie the game. He works the ball to different receivers as they get in inside the 10 yard line with 32 seconds remaining. After a draw to Jordan Parker that took them to the four on third and goal, Kilgore tossed it into the end zone before it was knocked away on fourth down. The Bulldogs take over on downs and after one kneel they wrap up victory in the first ever Bowl.

Final Score
Louisiana Tech Bulldogs – 42
Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders – 35

Statistical Leaders
Louisiana Tech
Passing: Colby Cameron – 34/42 for 361 yards, 4 touchdowns
Rushing: Kenneth Dixon – 128 yards, 2 touchdowns
Receiving: Quinton Patton – 152 yards, 1 touchdown

Middle Tennessee State
Passing: Logan Kilgore – 21/30 for 274 yards, 4 touchdowns
Rushing: Jordan Parker – 179 yards, 2 touchdowns
Receiving: – Kyle Griswould – 78 yards, 2 touchdowns


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College Football Bowl Predictions 2012-13

Bowl season has arrived!  We have you covered from the Gildan New Mexico Bowl through the BCS Championship. We’re projected a score for all 35 games.  Some games are going to be close while others will be decisive victories.

Check back tomorrow for our “Bowl Battle” where the formulator takes on a six year old boy and former college and NFL Cheerleader in a bowl pick ’em challenge.

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Game Date Team Score Vegas Line
December 15, 2012 Nevada 34 9
Arizona 41 77
December 15, 2012 Toledo 24 10.5
Utah St 35 58.5
December 20, 2012 BYU 24 -2.5
San Diego State 27 49
December 21, 2012 Ball State 24 7
Central Florida 38 61.5
December 22, 2012 East Carolina 28 6
UL-Lafayette 35 64.5
December 22, 2012 Washington 17 5
Boise St 28 46.5
December 24, 2012 SMU 20 12
Fresno State 41 59
December 26, 2012 Central Michigan 31 5.5
Western Kentucky 30 57.5
December 27, 2012 Bowling Green 17 7
San Jose State 31 47
December 27, 2012 Cincinnati 34 -7
Duke 27 59
December 27, 2012 Baylor 38 Pick
UCLA 41 79.5
December 28, 2012 Ohio 28 7
UL-Monroe 31 60
December 28, 2012 Rutgers 21 2.5
Virginia Tech 20 41.5
December 28, 2012 Minnesota 17 12.5
Texas Tech 38 57
December 29, 2012 Air Force 30 -1
Rice 31 61
December 29, 2012 Navy 21 14.5
Arizona State 38 56
December 29, 2012 West Virginia 41 -4
Syracuse 34 73.5
December 29, 2012 Oregon State 31 -2
Texas 28 57
December 29, 2012 TCU 21 -2.5
Michigan State 17 41
December 31, 2012 N.C. State 20 7
Vanderbilt 34 52
December 31, 2012 Georgia Tech 27 10
USC 38 64
December 31, 2012 Iowa State 27 Pick
Tulsa 24 51.5
December 31, 2012 Clemson 24 4
LSU 34 58.5
January 1, 2013 Purdue 24 16.5
Oklahoma State 48 70
January 1, 2013 Northwestern 27 2
Mississippi State 28 51.5
January 1, 2013 Michigan 24 5
South Carolina 28 48
January 1, 2013 Nebraska 24 10
Georgia 37 60
January 1, 2013 Wisconsin 21 6.5
Stanford 24 47.5
January 1, 2013 Northern Illinois 24 13.5
Florida State 35 58.5
January 2, 2013 Louisville 14 13.5
Florida 34 45.5
January 3, 2013 Kansas State 35 9
Oregon 41 75.5
January 4, 2013 Texas &M 34 4.5
Oklahoma 31 72
January 5, 2013 Pittsburgh 24 3.5
Ole Miss 27 52
January 6, 2013 Arkansas State 28 -4
Kent State 31 61
January 7, 2013 Alabama 20 -9.5
Notre Dame 13 41.5


Non-BCS Top 25 College Football Rankings (Bowls 2012-13)

At SportsFormulator, we’re a fan of the little guy so we’re giving them a little pub in what will be a segment you can find weekly during college football season going forward, the non-BCS Top 25.  We rank the 25 best college football teams not in the automatic qualified BCS conferences.  You’ll get to see some of these teams face off against one another in the bowls so hopefully our rankings provide insight into which team will win.  While a team like Boise State has broken through and become a regular in the Top 25 the past few years, we want to show who else is a team to look out for so here’s our first ever non-BCS (and Independents) Top 25.

1.  Utah State

2.  Fresno State

3.  Boise State

4.  Northern Illinois

5.  Kent State

6.  San Jose State

7.  Arkansas State

8.  San Diego State

9.  Louisiana Tech

10.  Central Florida

11.  BYU

12.  Toledo

13.  Louisiana-Monroe

14.  Middle Tennessee State

15.  Bowling Green

16.  Louisiana-Lafayette

17.  Tulsa

18.  Ball State

19.  Ohio

20.  Navy

21.  SMU

22.  Central Michigan

23.  Western Kentucky

24.  East Carolina

25.  Nevada

Check out our bowl projections and see how these teams will do.

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Sports Formulator College Football Power Rankings – 2012 Bowl Season

College football has wrapped up and we’re looking ahead to bowl season so it’s time to release our final power ratings. These are how we rank every FBS (Division I-A) college football team based on their performance through the 2012 regular season.

Check back on Wednesday for our bowl preview. It’ll have an interesting twist as we put the SportsFormulator to the test.


Power Ratings Team
1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Kansas St
4 Georgia
5 Florida
7 Notre Dame
8 Stanford
9 Wisconsin
10 Ohio State
11 South Carolina
12 Florida St
13 Texas A&M
14 Utah State
15 Fresno St
16 Boise State
17 Northern Illinois
18 Oregon St
19 Clemson
20 Kent State
21 San Jose St
22 Miss State
23 Northwestern
24 Penn State
25 USC
27 Arizona St
28 Michigan
29 Baylor
30 Cincinnati
31 Oklahoma
32 Arkansas St
33 San Diego St
34 Texas
35 Oklahoma St
36 Pittsburgh
37 LA Tech
38 Vanderbilt
39 TCU
40 West Virginia
41 Central Florida
42 BYU
43 Rutgers
44 Mississippi
45 Iowa State
46 Toledo
47 Nebraska
48 Arizona
49 LA Monroe
50 North Carolina
51 Louisville
52 Middle Tenn
53 Michigan St
54 Washington
55 Bowling Green
56 Georgia Tech
57 Miami (FL)
58 LA Lafayette
59 Utah
60 Syracuse
61 Purdue
62 Tulsa
63 Texas Tech
64 Ball State
65 Missouri
66 Tennessee
67 Iowa
68 Ohio
69 Navy
70 SMU
71 Central Michigan
72 Virginia Tech
73 Duke
74 Western Kentucky
75 California
76 NC State
77 East Carolina
78 Arkansas
79 Indiana
80 Nevada
81 Texas State
82 Connecticut
83 Temple
84 Rice
85 Wake Forest
86 Minnesota
87 Wyoming
88 Memphis
89 North Texas
90 UT-San Antonio
91 Houston
92 Washington State
93 Troy
94 Florida Intl
95 New Mexico
96 Colorado St
97 Maryland
98 Kentucky
99 Marshall
100 Auburn
101 Boston College
102 Virginia
103 South Florida
104 Florida Atlantic
105 UNLV
106 Eastern Michigan
107 UTEP
108 Air Force
109 Buffalo
110 Miami (OH)
111 Army
112 Kansas
113 Western Michigan
114 Tulane
115 South Alabama
116 UAB
117 Akron
118 Illinois
119 Southern Mississippi
120 Hawaii
121 UMass
122 Colorado
123 New Mexico State
124 Idaho